A new venture

I’m going to use this blog initially as the home for my 25 Motif Challenge entries. Thus entries will no doubt be as sporadic as my tatting.

In time, this may become an adjunct to my primary blog, Union, Trueheart, and Courtesy. Stay tuned.

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One Comment on “A new venture”

  1. You mentioned that you are an occasional tatter. It is important to block tatting especially if there are a lot of decorative picots. Once the motif is properly blocked it will be easy to scan. Make sure that you have a contrasting colour for the background. The basic black works well for light colours, but it isn’t as visually appealing. Construction paper, towels, velvet or any non-woven fabric works well. Images that are no larger than 500 pixels on the longest side are best. For a small motif 150 pixels is big enough and go for the highest resolution your equipment is capable of for good clear images. Save the files in .jpg format. If you have problems with it I may be able to help, as I’ve walked several people through some basic steps in sizing images etc. for their 25 motif challenge blogs.
    Sharon Briggs

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