Pre-challenge Projects: Cleaning out the workbox

I’ve started work on my first motif. My plan is to tat 20 motifs from Mary Konior’s books (the three four that I have), and finally, to design 5 motifs of my own. I’ve never designed before, so I am going to be collecting ideas as I go. I’d like to frame many of most of these motifs and decorate my office with them. If anyone has any good hints for framing tatting using off-the-shelf frames, I’d appreciate it.

Amanda & Mike's MatTo get the blog going, I’ve scanned a few pieces that I just finished up (or at least cut off the shuttle). The first is “Sicilian Circle” from M. Konior’s Tatting in Lace. I did this in a 20-size white-yellow-green variegated thread that my mother-in-law brought me from one of her many quilting trips. This is a wedding present for my former students Amanda and Mike. I’m pleased with how it came out — I can’t see any mistakes, althought I’m sure there are some there. (It was done a few months ago, but I just now blocked it and got it ready to give away.)

Angelica motifThis is the “Angelica” motif from the same book, in the same thread. I like to use the big Tatsy shuttles — I’ve got four or five of them — and I put a lot of thread on them. Then when I’m done with one project, I end up making a bunch of little things to use up the thread. I also hate hiding ends like nobody’s business, and most of the time I just refuse to do it. If anyone has a foolproof method that doesn’t require me to have the foresight to put thread into the last few ds’s — I want to hear about it. I know it’s not kosher just to tie a knot, but that’s generally what I do (then regret it when the knot comes undone and my tatting starts to unravel).

Birdcage motif And finally (for now) the square “Birdcage” motif from the same book, same thread. I messed this one up pretty good — apparently I forgot to do the Josephine knots on about half of the final round. It was a while ago, so I can’t remember how this happened, or even if I noticed it at the time. I must have been watching an especially exciting episode of Top Chef or something.

I have one more pre-challenge motif that I’m blocking right now and will get up maybe before the night is out. And I’ve started my first challenge motif, which should be a quickie. Can you tell Mary Konior is my favorite designer? I love the geometric shapes of her tatting — the fact that it’s not “lacy” per se. I like my tatting to be modern-looking, not Victorian or Edwardian. And I’m not into animals or snowflakes or angels, though I like Teri Dusenbury’s split-ring hearts very, very much. (Not so much her butterflies.) If anyone has suggestions for other designers who incorporate these strong patterns, I’d love to hear them.

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2 Comments on “Pre-challenge Projects: Cleaning out the workbox”

  1. Janet Says:

    Don’t frame the top doily…. put in on a table…. buy a circle of glass with finished (maybe beveled) edge and put it over it.

  2. Memé Says:

    I love your works. The colors are grate. Thanks.

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