Another UFO, and a progress report

I’ve got two more pieces to get off of my workspace before the decks are clear for the 25 Motif Challenge. I’ll post one today. One is being blocked. And with it, pinned out on the foamcore, is the first finished motif of the challenge!

My husband is going to the Toronto Film Festival for the next 11 days, and I’ll have my hands full with the kids, teaching, and my parents. But I’m hoping to get my first challenge motif scanned and posted, and finish my second one (currently on the shuttle), during his absence. Slow and steady.

Blue-green-white motifThis UFO (FO?) is “Mixed Bouquet,” another Konior motif, this time from A Pattern Book of Tatting, which I just picked up off Alibris a couple of months ago. The thread is a 20-size blue-green-white variegated, the sister of the green-yellow-white thread from the last post’s motifs. I didn’t do all that well with the Josephine knots on the long chains — they didn’t close all the way, and the chains ended up not curving gracefully but sort of angling instead. I don’t see any other egregious mistakes, unless you consider the ugly knots on the back a mistake.

Stay tuned for one more little warmup, then the real challenge posts will begin!

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