First step

Snowdrift motifHere’s my last pre-challenge piece. It’s “Snowdrift” from Tatting in Lace, in that familiar white-yellow-green variegated. (Are you tired of it yet?) This is an all-rings piece. One of the reasons I love Mary Konior is what she can do by varying the size of rings to create curvatures. She’s a master at controlling that — allowing the piece to take a natural shape simply by not feeling constrained to a ring size or a set of standard ring sizes. (You see a lot of designs where there are two standard ring sizes, and the piece is shaped primarily by which picot gets attached or by the size of the chains in between. It never occurred to me before looking at these patterns that the shape of the piece could be changed by subtle variations to the size of elements alone.)

Whirligig motifAnd now … drum roll please … Motif #1 in my 25 Motif Challenge! Finally, another color for you to look at (although get ready, you’ll see a lot of black in the weeks to come — my big Tatsy shuttle is full of it!). This is “Whirligig” from A Pattern Book of Tatting. The black is DMC Cordonnet no. 10 — this is nice and chunky. I did it quick (for me) — two nights, or about 90 minutes all told. There is a mistake in it — I joined the second chain to the wrong picot of the first one, and so the last chain got joined to the same picot instead of the one next to it. It’s about three inches in diameter. I really like the effect of the parallel curved or waved chains coming off the center. Another effect Konior is very good at achieving is a kind of rolling edge, with chain elements extending out to the edge and then sharing space on the edge with ring elements, all in one round.

I’m on my way. Motif #2 (in black, naturally) is on the shuttle and might get finished tonight, if I don’t pass out early after getting up at 4 this morning.

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One Comment on “First step”

  1. I like the “Whirligig” and it is definitely because of the parallel curves. Though I’m starting to worry about the black. It may just be the image, but it is harder to see the details of the Whirligig than any of the other motifs. I’ll have to wait and see a couple more to be sure.

    I wanted to let you know that I think I’ve found the perfect place for beautiful present, but it has a whole back-story so brace yourself. For the wedding my brother passed out stones to everyone. We asked everyone to hold them during the ceremony and place their hopes and wishes for us on to them. Then right before the vows we collected them to symbolize that through our marriage everyone present was joining together. Anyway, we are displaying the stones in a glass goblet/chalice type thing. You may have seen it in some of the wedding pictures. It fits perfectly on top of our doily. The edge of the base is exactly the same size as the circle of the three-set clover-like loops and because it is glass you can still see the colors and some of the details though the base. Its perfect! You’ll have to come over and see.

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