Motif #2

Wild Rose motif My second motif is as small as the first, so again, I got it done in two short sessions. (It was just a ring and two chains away from being done when I put it down after the first session, and I finished it up in 10 minutes this weekend.)

Amanda is right (in the comments to the last post) — with the black, you can’t see the stitches very well. Ah well — just one more black motif to go before I switch to something more colorful.

The thread is DMC Cebelia, by the way, not Cordonnet as I said last time. The name of this design is “Wild Rose,” but doesn’t it look exactly like a dogwood? It’s from A Pattern Book of Tatting. The version pictured isn’t blocked yet, which accounts for the one askew petal; I pressed it in a book after finishing it (I was at a weekend retreat), and thought it was ready enough to scan.

Next up: One motif from “Cloudburst,” a mat made of six roughly triangular “slice” motifs. I’m doing it in a black, and have the idea to make alternating black and white “slices.”

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3 Comments on “Motif #2”

  1. Jenn Says:

    So pretty! It makes me want to pick up tatting, but I’m in the throes of book binding happiness right now…(I’m taking a class, and it’s great!) Though, you could dispense advice for someone thinking about picking it up, if you’d like.

    And it DOES look a lot like a dogwood…though doesn’t a wild rose look similar to a dogwood? Pretty close, anyway.

    I’m enjoying reading about your tatting–so I borrowed your idea and started another blogspot to talk about all my craft projects, and to show off pictures (and to talk about projects that might be interesting…). I’m a pretty avid knitter/crocheter, and with the new bookbinding–well, I had a lot to talk about, right?

  2. Sharon Says:

    Stitches are always harder to see in black. Traditionally lacemakers hated working in black because you couldn’t see the stitches without really good lighting, so you were limited to working during daylight hours, or you suffered severe eye strain from working in lamplight.

    The motif is pretty and it does look more like dogwood although I think dogwood is usually 4 petals isn’t it? At any rate it’s a well executed piece.

  3. Hope Green Says:

    I too love Konior’s work.. and go back to her books repeatedly.. I am so enjoying watching what falls off your shuttles. I am currently working her Chain Reaction from Visual book. You make me want to join the 25- and work up edgings… by Konior of course!

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