Motif #3, and an end to black (for now)

Cloudburst motifThis is one “slice” of the “Cloudburst” composite lace in A Pattern Book of Tatting. I started it during the retreat last weekend, and just finished it up last night while gorging myself on TiVoed television (my parents just left after a week of providing childcare during my husband’s absence).

Good ol’ DMC Cebelia #10 black (but I’ve switched to red for the next motif, never fear). It measures about three inches wide at the top, four and a half inches long. If you can picture it flanked by two duplicates, joined at top and bottom, then you’ll see how it is a pizza-slice (1/8) of a round mat, that will have a hole in the middle surrounded by small rings and chains.

I am fascinated by circular laces that work in slices, from the center to the outside and back again to complete a motif, rather than being built up in concentric rounds. One of my favorite patterns of all time has this structure — I copied it out of a library book a decade ago and have probably made it five times.

I have the idea to alternate black and white motifs to complete this mat. That would be striking, wouldn’t it?

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