Motif #6: Better in blue

Windmills motif Only one ring in this motif, called “Windmills,” from Tatting in Lace. I didn’t have too much trouble with it, except for the second arm and the last arm. You might be able to see that one of the arms is a bit anemic — that’s the second one — and I had to undo my first attempt at a rosette join for the last arm. But other than that, this one blocked very nicely (with a zillion pins, one for every one of those interior picots that keep the arms together). And I do like the effect of the variegated thread (Altin Basak #50) on the chains-only part of the design. My only problem with variegated thread is that going from rings to chains means an abrupt change in the part of the thread that’s showing, so it’s not a continuous color change — less troublesome in a more subtle variegation, but I’ve always coveted that “spectrum” look of a design that doesn’t switch back and forth. This is the closest I’ve come.

Up next: another chain-heavy motif in this same thread, from the same book!

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