Motif #7: Loopiness

Rose Garden motif This one came out better than I expected. It’s not usually my style — so curvy and puffy — but I was intrigued by the mass of chains at the center, and decided to try it.

Also from Tatting in Lace, this motif is called “Rose Garden.” There are only 7 rings in it — the center, and the center of the six half-flowers around the outside. The thread is the same as last time: Altin Basak #50, variegated white to blue.

I think what I like about this is the way the chains form the “petals.” Because they don’t close fully, making a traditional complete ring, they look more cartoony and appealing to me. The whole thing looks like it would be at home in a dorm room — funky, fun, loose.

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One Comment on “Motif #7: Loopiness”

  1. Linda B. Says:

    I really like this motif! I like tatting motifs with roses in the center. Something about them just appeal to me. Keep up your lovely tatting!
    Linda B.

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