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#9 and #10: Familiarity breeds contempt

October 20, 2006

Three whirligigs


I was unhappy with how difficulty it was to see the overall pattern with the one “Whirligig” motif in the last post. So I made two more. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s any easier to see it now. I may have miscalculated by putting the tatting on the red background; I thought that the white part of the variegated thread might show up better on a dark color. But looking back at the original single motif, I think it shows up better on the yellow.


Looks like I’m going to have to keep making these in order to have any chance at creating the desired effect. Luckily I enjoy making them.


Motif #8, motif #9, and some thoughts on color

October 8, 2006

Thistle motifI’ve been without a computer for a week — the ol’ iBook G3 is unreliable — but now I’m the owner of a gorgeous new MacBook, and the challenge is back, baby!

I wanted to do a quick motif in a different thread. This is “Thistle,” from Tatting Patterns. I believe this was Konior’s first tatting book, and I’m not as inspired by it as her other books.

None of the threads in my stash were calling to me, but I pulled out this mauve that I’d never used — DMC Cebelia #20. When I took tatting back up about 10 years ago, after an on-and-off history with it since high school, my taste wasn’t toward bold colors and geometrics. I was a bit more of a shabby-chic person, although that term hadn’t been coined yet. Now this color isn’t appealing to me at all. But I’ve got a big ball of it, so I wanted to see if it looked better worked up. It isn’t bad, but I couldn’t wait to get away from the color, frankly.

Windmill motifSo I went back to the blue-white variegated Altin Basak #50, and I went back to my beloved Tatting With Visual Patterns, my favorite tatting book ever. This is “Windmill,” a chain-heavy motif designed to be combined with others in a mat. It’s hard to see the pattern with just one motif, actually. I snugged the chains up a bit too tight in the first few rounds after the center, and the motif cupped a little bit. I had to block it from the outside in to get all the chains to lie in their proper places.