Motif #11: The Return

Masquerade It’s been awhile. For the last six weeks, I’ve been struggling to keep my head above water at work, traveling, not even enough time to crack a book. But now the semester’s over. No more grading every night. No more assignments. Three weeks of Christmas, a few writing assignments to occupy the days, tatting — and maybe even other crafty projects — to occupy the night.

Let’s get this thing restarted with “Masquerade,” a stunning motif from Tatting With Visual Patterns that really shows its stuff in multiple combinations. The three-quarter flowers at the corners combine to form circles, and the linked clovers in the center form contrasting square patterns that seem to alterate rows, catty-corner, in the mat. I’ve long wanted to do this pattern, and I gave myself a treat to celebrate my triumphant return to tatting and did one motif over two nights. #10 Cebelia. It came out nicely, and I’m probably going to do several more before I go on to something else, just because I want to see the larger pattern come together.

I want to try “Windmills” again, too, with smaller picots and in a solid color, like some of the commenters suggested.

And … as if I really didn’t have enough to do, with an entire new syllabus to construct, a magazine assignment, and several encyclopedia entries, I really want to learn to knit. Several folks have recommended the Stitch and Bitch books to teach the beginning steps. A class would be fun, too, if I could get started before schools starts again. What do you all recommend?

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3 Comments on “Motif #11: The Return”

  1. Your tatting is gorgeous, Donna! For knitting, I recommnend The Maran Illustrated Guide to Knit and Crochet. It’s predominantly knitting and the photos show step by step how to form each stitch. At the end of each section is a pattern that uses the skills taught in that section.

  2. simayanan Says:

    I thought I might be the only tatter left in existence. Unfortunately I had a major stroke in April and while I have managed to knit some, the old left hand is not up to tatting yet. Your work is really wonderful.

    Why is this print so small. I can hardly read it.

  3. pooja Says:


    hai that motif is really good.. y cant u try putting 3 to 4 motifs together it may look more brighter

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