The world is so full of a number of things …

… and one of them is Diet Coke Plus.

  1. There was a little old lady handing out little sample cups of this supposedly healthy soda in the story today, so I drank a cup. Like Diet Coke but with a really sweet aftertaste — the aftertaste of store-brand diet soda. I drink far too much diet soda — it’s my default drink, the way I keep my out-of-control sweet tooth away from the cupcakes. Coke Zero is my tipple of choice when I can’t get fountain diet soda (Coke or Pepsi, both are awesome in fountain form). No plus for me.
  2. Speaking of sweet, the smooth bitterness of a 65% Cacao Reserve Hershey Bar has yet to dissipate from my mouth. Yet I am forced to report that Hershey’s, among other members of Chocolate Manufacturer’s Association, are petitioning the FDA to redefine the word chocolate. The new definition would allow products with no cacao content at all to be labeled “chocolate.” Their argument is that consumers don’t know that chocolate is made from cacao pods, so chocolate-like products made from vegetable oil and fats should be called “chocolate.” If consumers don’t know better, then Hershey’s isn’t going to tell them. Sacrilege! You know the difference between a chocolate Easter bunny and a “chocolicious” one when you’re unfortunately enough to get one of the latter in that basket from an oblivious or dollar-store-frequenting relative. Would you be happy if they both were allowed to be called “100% chocolate”? Not even a trusted brand name would be enough to keep you from going astray. Join the fight against this ridiculous bit of Big Business Orwellianism at The Candy Blog.
  3. I should have spent the weekend reading student writing in advance of exam week. But I got an e-mail that KnitPicks was having a sale on their luxury yarns, and I haven’t had the chance to work with anything really high-end yet in my short knitting career. I also haven’t started to assemble the dreaded “stash” — the bag full of yarn bought with no project in mind. And I’m not about to start now. So in order to justify buying the 100% alpaca yarn, I had to find a project in which to use it. I thought this might be the perfect time to get a knitted bag into my project queue. But which one? I spent most of my online time yesterday and today looking at every free bag pattern on the internet, trying to find one that I could use bulky yarn for, and that I liked. I settled on Sophie here, with Lopi as a backup. Bought two colors of Decadence, a couple of needles, and the Mason-Dixon knitting book — free shipping, and my next non-sock project is all set.
  4. I’m looking forward to my two exams this week, because neither are going to be tests — both are going to be parties. My criticism class is having breakfast on Tuesday, and each member of the class is going to read a favorite passage from one of our readings, followed by a favorite passage from their own writing for the course. Justin and I are going to give out awards to five students who did exemplary work. At the moment the sign of the award is a party lei, but I’m hoping to have badges made up for the winners to put on their blogs. My freshman class will be having lunch — potluck — and playing some kind of game together, the details of which I have not yet worked out. Both my groups had very successful semesters, and I learned a lot about the criticism class especially that I’ll apply when I teach it again.
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One Comment on “The world is so full of a number of things …”

  1. snookju Says:

    Diet Cokes are Satan…

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