Apple Girl

Apple may have problems, but repair service ain’t one of them.

I packed up the computer for DHL on Wednesday. Apple had sent a box a month ago, after I called to tell them the thin plastic seal that surrounds the keyboard bed had cracked in one place. Part of it flaked off, so I could see down into the outer casing, right where the sleep light is on the right front side.

DHL came and got it on Wednesday. This morning at 9 am I got an e-mail saying Apple has received it, and providing a link where I can check my repair status.

At 10 am the page shows that the computer is undergoing diagnostics.

At 1:30 pm the page shows that the computer is being repaired.

At 3:15 pm the status is “Product return pending.”

If all goes well, I’ve have my computer back this week. Union, Trueheart, and Courtesy will be back up and running. And Toxophily* will return to all-craft, all the time.

Thanks, Steve Jobs!**

*Noel will be grateful, because he can’t check the site without humming “Tox-o-phily back again (danananananana-naa)/Doin’ a little East Coast swiiinng …”

**I have learned my lesson from the last couple of iBooks I’ve owned — AppleCare. The lack of stress over anything that might go wrong for three years is totally worth it.

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One Comment on “Apple Girl”

  1. David Says:

    Go Apple!

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