Sock accomplished

sock completed

Pattern: Miniature sock (Tsarina of Tsocks Learn to Knit Socks Kit)
Yarn: vanCalcar Acres SuperStrong Sock Yark, Sage Heather
Needles: U.S. #2 double-pointed

It may not be a functional sock. It has a lot of problems. But it is recognizable as footwear.

I guess I need to knit with a fabric tape measure in my bag, because I misjudged just about all the dimensions by using my rough-and-ready “knuckle ruler.” 1.5 knuckle-inches from bottom of cuff to start of heel flap — not too bad. 3.5 knuckle-inches from back of heel to start of toe — Clown Sock.

There’s one major mistake here, and you can spot it in the photo. After I knitted the flap, picked up the gusset stitches (none too well, either, because I’d forgotten to slip a stitch for the selvedge at least once while knitting the flap, maybe more), and rejoined to start the decreases, I discovered that I’d dropped a stitch back in the ankle, before I got to the flap. Without undoing all the rejoined rounds, I couldn’t pick it back up — I’d knitted the stitches on either side together. So I sort of drew it up on the outside of the sock. You can see it in the exact middle of the top of the sock, right before the foot starts. Thinking back, it would have been nice if I could have pulled it to the wrong side before reattaching it to the needles, but whatever — it’s a practice sock.

I did poorly picking up the gusset stitches, as I said, but eventually got the hang of it. I did a flap and gusset heel and a wedge toe. Yes, that means I also learned Kitchener stitch to graft the end of the toe. With only eight stitches to graft, I didn’t have much room to practice, and I found it hard to find the grafted bar for tightening after doing the stitches loosely initially. But it ended up looking not too bad. I think I could do it better on a bigger item.

Last night after completing it I immediately cast on stitches for the second one, having heard that you must do that in order to avoid ending up with a bunch of single socks. But I muffed the first join and unravelled the whole thing. Tonight, definitely, if I don’t go back to the long-suffering scarf I’m about two stripes away from finishing. And if I don’t collapse. For the second one I’ll try a short-row heel and round toe — just to see what it’s like.


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3 Comments on “Sock accomplished”

  1. Good work!

    Reading about what’s involved with it, though, makes me tired. Good thing I’ve sworn off sock knitting until June.

  2. maureen Says:

    Awesome!!! I am very jealous that you have managed to find the time to knit so much and learn about socks!! Truly amazing.

  3. Jenn Says:

    Socks! It looks great for a first attempt–you’ll be knitting all sorts of cool socks in no time!

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