Uh … wow.

The computer is back.

When I got up this morning I had an e-mail saying Apple had shipped it back, and giving me a tracking number. By the time I got back from my 8 am final exam to track the package, it had been delivered.

From the time it arrived at Apple to the time it arrived back on my doorstep: About 24 hours. See title of post.

So presumably I’ll be back on Union, Trueheart, and Courtesy this evening (after my marathon fruit-salad-assembly session in preparation for tomorrow’s freshman final exam lunch potluck). I’ll also be enjoying the beautiful simplicity of Safari RSS integration after suffering through four days of the decidedly inferior Firefox Live Bookmarks version.

But I’ll be posting here tonight as well, because:

The sock is finished.

Pictures and commentary right here, later tonight.

If you’re a regular UTC reader who came over here during the MacBook interim, I’d love it if you kept Toxophily bookmarked or RSS’d. If you just hate all handcrafts and would prefer to forget that I do such things, feel free to delete this blog from your regular rotation with a sigh of relief.

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2 Comments on “Uh … wow.”

  1. Jenn Says:

    I *still* can’t believe you finished a sock before me–and you have so much more going on than I do *grumbles*. I will finish one soon, I promise.

    I am very proud of you, though. You’re a talented knitter–and I look forward to seeing more greatness from you. (You should try lace next. Or a sweater. I’m doing a lace scarf now, and it’s a bear for my experienced self–but a lot of fun).

  2. Kerry Says:

    This gives me incentive to send off my own computer for its necessary repairs. But I must admit, I am not quite as trusting of Sony, I hope it is as worthy of trust as Apple apparently is. Perhaps one of these days, I’ll brave the switch over to the Mac, as well. But in the meantime, I think I’ll wait until after step before attempting computer repairs.

    And yes, I completely agree. Justin IS incredibly awesome. *grins and winks*

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