It’s scarfy

Mogul scarf
Finished object: Moguls scarf
Yarn: KnitPicks Telemark (Poppy and Snow Leopard)
Needles: U.S. 6 32-inch circular

I started this back when it was still cold — January, I think. In between I got all excited about socks. But I determined to finish this before I started my next project (or, to be honest, my second sock).

You could do this with any worsted-weight yarn of some stretchiness — it’s just alternating stripes of stockingette and reverse stockingette. The only thing that’s unusual about it is that it is knit on the long axis.

I really like the way it turned out. It’s probably going to end up being a gift for someone in my family, but I’m not sure to whom, and certainly not until wintertime.

Here’s Cady Gray modelling the scarf. It goes well with her red-stripe t-shirt, but not so well with the warm weather. She’s searching for an ant on the driveway, which I think gives her that insouciant model look in this shot. She’s a pro.
CG models the mogul

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12 Comments on “It’s scarfy”

  1. I’m completely baffled how there are different colors on each side. Looks great!

  2. donnadb Says:

    The stockingette rolls up, and the reverse stockingette rolls up the other way. So you get convex rolls in the red stripes, and concave rolls in the silver stripes. The concave rolls “retreat” on the right side between the bulging convex rolls of red — and if you turn it over the effect is reversed.

    Neat, huh?

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  4. BuggaJam Says:

    I am TRYING to knit this scarf…I’m not sure that I’m doing it right. I’m do a alternating K1,P1 (double knit – I THINK!), but I don’t understand how the ‘stripes’ come out. If you look at this, please send me an email if you have time to tell me how to knit this. Thank you!!


  5. kelli ann Says:

    i love any post that uses the word ‘insouciant.’ the scarf is fab!! great work!

  6. Hanh Says:

    Hello, I’m trying to knit this scarf, but I don’t understand some things in the instruction! (English is my foreign language) If you don’t mind, please send me the email to tell me how to knit it. Thank you in advance!

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  10. Clover Says:

    woa, great work! i really love it 😡
    I read introducion in but i can’t understand how to do it 😦 can u tell me how to do this scarf? please send me an email, thanks u a lot! >__<

  11. Wendy Says:

    Hey I’m trying to finish, but ran out of Snow Leopard. Do you happen to have any balls left that I could buy? I don’t know where to get any more.

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