Circle in

Pattern: Round Dishcloth
Yarn: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Ombre (100% cotton worsted weight) Summer Splash
Needles: U.S. 8 (aluminum)

After reading Susan’s claim that she knitted this dishcloth in two hours (!), and discovering I had an extra ball of variegated Sugar ‘n Cream in my dishrag stash, I decided to cast on and see whether it was as fast a knit as advertised. After all, speed is everything in Dish Rag Tag. Once you get your team’s box, it’s your job to knit a 9″ square or round dishcloth from one of the balls of yarn in the box, pack it up, and get that box moving on the highways (or, one hopes, airways) to the next person as soon as possible. A one-evening dishcloth is a must; a two-hour dishcloth, one that allows you to get the box back in the mail the same day you got it (I hate Susan and her early morning mail delivery), is nothing short of a secret weapon.

I must conclude that I’m not as fast a knitter as Susan. (Heck, the only knitters I could beat in a race would be those still in the middle of their first lesson.) I cast on (that provisional cast-on again and did two wedges — that was one two-hour stretch at the coffeeshop on Saturday. Did four more wedges Saturday night, in about another two hours (those short rows get faster as you learn how to keep count without referring to the pattern). But there was still one more I needed to get done before I completed the circle, unfortunately. The pattern refers to 6 or 7 wedges, but my dishcloth turned out to be a huge 7-wedger. And there was still the garter-stitch grafting to be done (much better than my first attempt, but still time-consuming). Nope — not a one-day knit. Three nights, and with practice, I could cut it to two.

Looks like 4 Corners is still my speedy dishcloth of choice. But this is a beautiful cloth, with those bound-off points around the edges, and those cool short rows that make everything they touch into a magical exploration of curves. I’ll come back to it when alacrity is no longer a crucial factor.

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3 Comments on “Circle in”

  1. The variegated yarn worked really well with this pattern. Circular patterns like this intimidate me. I don’t see how anyone could knit this in two hours, but short rows are still a mystery to me, so what do I know?

    Cool photo too. 🙂

  2. susan Says:

    Oh, I don’t have early morning mail delivery. The tracking # indicated the box arrived at my house around 4:30. But it didn’t much matter, I work at a full-time job so I didn’t open it until after 5:00 when I got home. I am, however, lucky to live near a post office with a 24/7 kiosk–which is how I got it back in the mail so quickly. Plus, you’re right, the wedges get faster as you knit more of them. And did you notice that the bind-offs were on the 10th, 20th, and 30th rows. See, easy to remember without looking at the pattern instructions. 😉

  3. sharon Says:

    Smack in the middle of Dish Rag Tag you probably don’t want to hear about Tatting again, but I’m doing some housecleaning to make better use of my time and tidy up the 25 Motif Challenge blog. I don’t have an email address for you so I thought I’d just write a quick note here. I am removing the links for the blogs where there hasn’t been tatting content in 6 months or more. If you’re still pursuing the 25 motives let me know and I’ll add your link back in. I love the dish cloths you’ve been doing. I’ve done a very tiny bit of knitting but never got really enthused with it, and I love knitted things. I once traded a co-worker 2 lacy knitted sweaters for 2 petit point pictures and we each came away thinking we’d got the better trade, so it was a win-win situation.

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