Strange magic

After some agonizing over the choice of pattern for my all-important sophomore sock, I settled on ‘Vog On from this summer’s Knitty. (Hey, they did me right for the vital freshman sock. And look — the designer who created that pattern actually complimented me on my finished object! I may swoon.)

And so on to the new techniques: Judy’s Magic Cast-On, a technique that puts both sides of the toe on the needles at once and then knits in between them somehow; and Magic Loop, the counter-intuitive practice of knitting a small circular diameter on one very long circular needle.

Pinky the Flamingo is modeling the magic-cast-on toe that I spent all last night creating, along with a one and a quarter repeats of the lace pattern. One thing about the magic cast-on? The toe pocket is quite a bit shorter — maybe a third to a half — than a short-row toe done with a provisional cast-on. When I got done with the toe and put it over my foot to check the fit, it barely covered my toenails.

But isn’t that yarn beautiful? Knit Picks is about to put a variegated version of their Essential sock yarn on sale, and they had a test run that didn’t come out as vibrant as they intended, so they put it up for sale cheap as “Essential Multi Special.” I think it’s quite lovely as is.

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5 Comments on “Strange magic”

  1. arizonasky Says:

    All this knitting looks pretty complicated! I asked Amanda (Allen) to teach me how to knit, as I am in need of a scarf this winter and want it to match a hat I already have. I’m pretty excited to be expanding from sewing, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be doing socks… I have a question for you though–why did you name your blog “Toxophily”? Being an archery lover (a toxophilite, I guess) and also an instructor of it for two weeks every summer, I’m curious.

  2. donnadb Says:

    All my website names (three so far) have to do with archery … because I’m a Bowman. (And my son is an Archer.) I don’t actually practice the sport, but my name and therefore family history is linked to its practice, and I do enjoy the iconography and lore of the archer’s art. My favorite filmmakers, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, called themselves the Archers and prefaced their films with the image of an arrow striking a target.

  3. arizonasky Says:

    Clever… I didn’t even realize that! It takes me a while sometimes. If you ever get the chance to try archery, it is amazing. It’s hard to describe, but it makes you feel somehow noble (that could just be the romantic in me). And a fun fact, Archer (130 pts. at 30 yds.) is a higher rank than Bowman (130pts. at 20 yds.).

  4. You know, I got the Archer (and Archers) part, but the Bowman aspect never even occurred to me. Sneaky.

    I like the yarn, and the toe is looking good!

  5. […] picking my way through sock #1, I zoomed through sock #2 in marathon knitting sessions on Petitjean Mountain, and […]

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