The generosity of strangers

Holy Topeka!

For her generous and tireless work organizing Team XDR (nosed out at the finish by Hip-Knit-Tised, but still in the running for one of the consolation prizes!), our fearless leader Katrina rewarded herself BY SENDING PRESENTS TO NEARLY EVERYONE ON HER TEAM.

The official promise was a gift to any knitter who managed to get the box in and out of her hands in 24 hours. Well, my time was 15 hours and change, and I was the sixth fastest person on our ten member team. Yep, at least half the people on our team got the box, knit a dishrag, and mailed in again in less than 2/3 of the earth’s rotation. And I’m betting there were a couple of people behind me who still got it out in the specified 24-hour period.

(Ignore the toy fruit and owly magnifying glass … for some reason I tried to gild the lily by adding in random still-life elements found in the vicinity of my picture window.)

That’s three balls of dishcloth cotton … a yarn-ball stitch marker from The Loopy Ewe … a book of dishcloth patterns … and pink variegated sock yarn. Beautiful, beautiful, sock yarn. How I love sock yarn.

Katrina — you are the queen. No, seriously, I am your loyal subject. In my brief time in the knitting world, I’ve seen a lot of generosity already, but this takes the cake.

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3 Comments on “The generosity of strangers”

  1. Wow, you made out like a bandit. Knitterly generosity knows no boundaries, doesn’t it?

  2. lynseym Says:

    hey donna! i’d love to join a dish rag team if you have the info! i hope to someday have an honors knit night! i’ve knit a bunch of stefanie japel’s stuff, btw. great designs.

    lynsey mitchell

  3. […] on this big ol’ hunk of handdyed, gifted to me by Katrina after our team’s awesome silver medal finish in Dish Rag Tag last […]

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