Basic training

Going away to a committee meeting for the weekend isn’t so fun. Long days in meeting rooms, missing your spouse and kids, lonely hotel rooms with only the TV for company.

But it has its upsides.

I cast on hurriedly for Deb Barnhill‘s Back To Basics socks Thursday night, and finished the magic cast-on toe before leaving for Atlanta on Friday afternoon. My first Koigu … oohhhhhhhhh. Yes, my friends. That’s what I call sock yarn.  (Thanks, Libby, for the early birthday present.)  Knitting in the airport, knitting on the plane, knitting during the meeting … the stockingette foot flew by. Last night after dinner, I went back up to my room, put on one of the half-dozen major college football upsets, and thought to myself: Start the gusset, or grade the three papers I’m supposed to get done today?

Ah, give the kids a break. If I do the papers now, I won’t have anything to work on tomorrow while waiting for my plane. And if I don’t get through the part of the gusset that requires careful pattern-reading, I won’t be able to knit in the meeting tomorrow.

What’s ultra-cool about B2B is that most of the gusset increases come in the middle of the instep, not on the sides of the foot like normal. They emerge gradually into center ribbing that will continue up the leg, meeting the same ribbing that will start on the heel flap. So nifty.

Deb gave me a new toe look as well, by pairing right- and left-leaning increases on the top and bottom of the toe, rather than on the edges.

I got to the end of the gusset as my plane was descending into Little Rock. Not sure how the heel turn is going to work on Magic Loop with 70 stitches on the needle … but I expect to find out tonight.

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3 Comments on “Basic training”

  1. Very nice. I really ought to finish a pair of socks.

    When you get a chance, I’d be curious to hear what advice you have regarding knitting needles and supplies and flying. I’ll be flying to Dallas around Thanksgiving time and don’t know how much I should carry on with me.

  2. […] the plane, knit at the conference, knit in my hotel room … knit everywhere. But what to take? B2B sock #2 is a given; I’m past the toe increases and ready to stockingette my heart out. What […]

  3. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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