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Rib it

October 30, 2007

Secret Christmas knitting continues ….

… and the love affair with Noro Kureyon is undiminished. All will be revealed after the holiday.

And in more semi-secret knitting:

This is on its way to my reverse Dish Rag Tag pal Amanda, the one who sent the Team XDR box to me back in August. Turnabout is fair play, teammates.

On the other end of the reverse Dish Rag Tag spectrum, the person whom I originally gifted with my box o’ Arkansas-themed goodies, Seattle Lisa, has already fulfilled her reverse Dish Rag Tag obligations. I got this last Saturday:

A beautiful sky-blue and white pinwheel dishcloth (as above!), 100g of Regia stretch sock yarn, bandaids in boy and girl flavors for my accident-prone kids (how’d she know?), a nifty photo card of the city skyline, and best of all — Seattle chocolates! I ate the hazelnut truffles and Noel ate the mint ones. Could this be any more perfect? Thanks, pal!

I’m about to leave for a trip to Denver, wherein I expect to knit on the plane, knit at the conference, knit in my hotel room … knit everywhere. But what to take? B2B sock #2 is a given; I’m past the toe increases and ready to stockingette my heart out. What if a miracle should happen and I finish a sock in less than two weeks — nay, even less than four days? I should definitely take more sock yarn. And don’t I need a non-sock project for when I’m tired of socks? That Noro object at the top of the post there should do the trick … but I’m supposed to be starting my first-ever sweater, too, for NaKniSweMo. (I’m not going to be doctrinaire about the get-in-done-in-a-month boundaries, but I am committed to getting it underway.) But I haven’t even swatched yet. I have a bad feeling I’m going to take at least thirty times more knitting than I could do if I never stopped from morning to night. (I have the same problem taking books on trips; I feel like I need to take books for work and books for pleasure, and then backups in case I somehow manage to finish those books. Thus the bag full of books for a weekend jaunt.)

What I do know is that I will be taking and wearing my two completed pairs of socks. Because I am addicted to wearing my handknit socks. Having them on my feet, feeling them with every step — it’s like a secret gift to yourself. I knew I enjoyed knitting them, but I had no idea I would love wearing them so much. I wish I had a pair for every day of the week — and before long I will.


In all directions

October 20, 2007

Pattern: Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf by Karen Baumer
Yarn: Noro Kureyon, colorway 164
Needles: U.S. #9 bamboo (Peace Fleece handpainted)

Not too much I can say about this finished object because it’s a Christmas surprise. (If you’re a member, you can see more on my Ravelry project page.) So I’ll just talk about the yarn. Ever since I’ve been knitting I’ve been hearing about Noro, the Japanese variegated yarn with the world’s most beautiful colors. Then ever since I got on Ravelry I’ve been hearing from people who were disappointed with its thick and thin spots, occasional knots, and bits of straw stuck in the fiber. Um, whatever, knitters. This is some gorgeous stuff. It does range from overspun to unspun within a few feet, but that’s part of the rustic texture that gives it character. I ran into maybe five or six small pieces of vegetable matter in three skeins, and one knot. I’ll just say this: I have another three skeins of a brighter colorway that I got in the same sale to knit yet another Christmas surprise, and I cannot wait to watch those colors flow.

I’m whipping up a quick Pinwheel Dishcloth for the Team XDR reverse swap, getting ready to bind off the first B2B sock, and contemplating my first ever sweater for the NaKniSweMo knitalong. Here’s the yarn:

and the carry-along for the middle section:

for what’s billed as “the easiest sweater you will ever make,” Stefanie Japel’s Simple Knitted Bodice.  For the fear that this sweater has struck into my heart — something that has to FIT?! — it had better be easy.  Sadly, this yarn was snagged at half-price from my LYS, which is closing at the end of the month.  Farewell, Bella Lana!

Fall in

October 11, 2007

Hallelujah! It was cool enough today to wear a jacket and socks. Handknit socks.

There they are, my ‘Vogs, completed last month right around this time — coincidentally, also the last time we had a high in the low seventies.

They’re hanging out by the fountain in Harding Centennial Plaza, the recently constructed crown jewel of the east campus. That’s where I celebrated the return of seasonal temperatures by working on a secret holiday project. Here where prying eyes may spy, I can only offer a peek:

Those with the secret password can jog over to Ravelry to see more.

The rest of you will have to make do with these feet. Maybe you can sense their joy and pride, clad as they are for the first time ever in socks I made myself.