Me and Mary Jane

I’ve had a couple of shoe-related mishaps in the past few months. First I left a pair of Born sandals in an Atlanta hotel in September.  Then my long-suffering Clarks flats finally lost one of their little buttons, leaving an ugly metal fastener exposed.

Left with only one pair of non-sandal, non-suede casual shoes for my trip, I made a quick stop at Wilkinson’s on Wednesday to fulfill a desire I’ve had since I completed my first pair of handknit socks.  I was going to buy some shoes that would really show them off.  Research on Ravelry revealed that the expert consensus pointed to Mary Janes.

So here are my first pair of Mary Janes since grade school: Clark Artisan Organza.  I need a grippy rubber sole that will hold up under a lot of walking, and an insole and fit that will allow me to wear them with socks or without.

I took ’em for a test drive on the Embarcadero this morning (up early thanks to the time change).  There they are with my Essential Vogs, looking out over the harbor.  And thanks to the knitting I got done in the day-long board of directors meeting, I can confidently predict they will be filled with my Back To Basics socks, in all their sky-and-cloud Koigu glory, before the trip is over.

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