Warm hearts

Pattern: Fetching by Cheryl Niamath
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Superwash, Capri colorway
Needles: U.S. 6 32″ Harmony Options wood circular

I’m a slow knitter. But even for me, these went fast. And thank goodness, because the last week of Cady Gray’s preschool is coming up fast, and these are meant for her teacher’s hands. I’m going to bag ’em up with a coffeeshop gift card and give the gift of warm hands for Christmas.

There are a lot of ways to knit these little fingerless gloves — they’re one of the most popular projects out there. Almost 3000 folks on Ravelry have them in their project list, and at this very moment there are 208 versions in progress. Purl Diva has posted popular modifications — lengthening the top, doing a few decreases to pull the finger opening tighter, and leaving off the picot edge. A lot of people lengthen the cuff, too. But I had two single skeins of Swish Superwash in my stash — two different colors — and I could find Ravelers who’d knit a pair with one skein of that yarn. Afraid to try yardage-eating mods with little margin for error, I knit them as written.

And I love them as written. They’re flirty and cozy, with those little details that make them look special. (Whether or not you like the picot edge for warmth, it gives the gloves that extra feminine detail and interest that make the style pop.) I’ve started pair #2 (with a little less time crunch — Archer’s school has two weeks to go) with skein #2, and I doubt I’ll change a thing.

Other than feeling my way through my first cables — with and without a needle — the most interesting piece of this project was the afterthought thumb. Abigail posted a very clear tutorial on how to pick up the thumb stitches from the wrong side between the waste yarn loops. I followed her directions exactly and had a stress-free thumb experience. Another first!

Worried about the tightness of the thumb bind-off, but not wanting to do an intentionally loose one for fear it would look sloppy, I gave this technique a try. Hard to tell how stretchy it is from such a small example, but it wears and looks great.

I’m about to the thumb on the first grade pair. And all I can think about is how I have to find another 100 yards of worsted weight in my stash so I can knit a pair for myself as soon as possible.

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3 Comments on “Warm hearts”

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