Twin love + 1

Pattern: Baby Bib O’ Love by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream
Needles: U.S. #7 aluminum straight

One week ago today, our administrative assistant announced that instead of having our usual holiday party after the final grade deadline, we’d be having a baby shower for our student affairs coordinator, who is pregnant with twins.

One week? Plenty o’ time. I immediately began looking for quick baby knits I could make with yarn on hand. A bunch o’ balls of kitchen cotton in my knitting bag, a copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting on the bookshelf, and the assurance from Ravelry that I could do a bunch really quick (and cute ’em up besides), all convinced me that the Baby Bib O’ Love was the project for me.

Garter stitch can be a beautiful thing. I cast on and knit as fast as I could. The first bib (the brown one) took me about a day and a half. The second two I got done each in a single day. Well, when I say “done,” I mean “knit.” The finishing — including weaving in ends and sewing on buttons — happened in a panicked 75-minute rush right before the baby shower. The timeline went like this:

  • 8:15-10:00 am: Grade last-minute papers, turn in all final grades.
  • 10:00 am-10:25 am: Participate in A.V. Club conference call, finish knitting the last strap and a half on the green bib.
  • 10:25-11:35 am: Sew on *&^%& fiddly buttons. (I’m not a sewer.)
  • 11:35 am-12:02 pm: Weave in ends.
  • 12:02-12:05 pm: Take quick pictures, wrap in tissue paper, throw in gift bag.
  • 12:05-1:30 pm: Enjoy baby shower.

I tried three different buttonhole techniques on three different bibs. On the first one (brown), I did the buttonhole as directed (two-row, with a backward-loop cast-on for the top edge). Worked, but sloppy. On the second one (ombre), I experimented with a cable cast-on instead of backward loop for the top edge — not an appreciable difference.

So I tapped the 50,000 Ravelers. A request for members’ favorite buttonholes elicited the one-row buttonhole, recommended by many. I tried it on the third bib (green). It makes a much tighter, neater buttonhole, but I was a little worried that it was too tight — not nearly as stretchy as the loose two-row version. I manhandled it to make sure it would be bit enough for the frog button, and I don’t think it will be a problem.

I’m kind of proud to say that it was the only handmade item at the shower, and got the lion’s share of the oohs and aahs. I’m even happier to say that my week of cotton garter stitch is over, and I can get back to some socks, mayhap a sweater.

And the mom-to-be was (I think) the happiest of all.

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One Comment on “Twin love + 1”

  1. Nice work. The buttons really add to them. Something for me to remember next time rather than using plain old boring clear ones.

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