Christmas givens

I’ve been knitting for just over a year. This is the first Christmas I’ve made handknit gifts for anyone. I didn’t exactly go into knitgiving in a big way — two teacher’s gifts and two scarves for members of my family — and maybe that’s why it was so rewarding.

I decided to knit scarves for my older brother and sister-in law when I latched onto a Noro Kureyon sale at Little Knits back in October. Browsing Ravelry for pattern ideas, I came across so many beautiful scarves that I wanted to make … but it seemed indulgent in the extreme to knit myself two scarves when I have several wonderful scarves already, some handknit for me as gifts. That’s when the e-mail my dad sent not long before, telling all the family members whom we had in the Bowman gift exchange, swam into my consciousness. It seemed that the relatives on our gift list — my hip brother, the founder and principal of a private school, and his warm, youthful wife — would appreciate these beautiful yarns.

They did.

Karen rocking the Short Row Rib

Dwayne all suave in the Multidirectional Scarf

Karen couldn’t get over the scarves. The whole previous day she’d had a narrow Christmas scarf looped around her neck, a terrific casual look, giving me an inkling that I had judged correctly — she’s a scarf person. She spent all of Christmas day wearing my gift — both of them did. They immortalized the scarves in the family photos we took the next day on the beach, and remarked aloud how well the colors popped against the blue sky and white sand:

That colorway 182, the rainbow hues of Karen’s scarf, is probably the signature Noro colorway, and I love the way its brights cycle through the short rows in those long repeats. But I’m especially proud of the colorway I picked for Dwayne: 162, ambers, greens, and muted blues. I thought it looked masculine without being boringly monochromatic. And just look how it works with Dwayne’s russet hair.

My other two knitted gifts were the pairs of Fetching I knit for the kids’ teachers, and I got nice cards and in-person comments from both of them, going out of their way to tell me how much they liked them. (Archer’s teacher, who got the Deep Ocean version, noted that blue is her favorite color, much to my delight.) I must admit that I can’t imagine any other outcome, since I liked them so much that I resolved to make myself a pair as soon as possible.

And since I’ve been a very good knitter this year, Santa brought me Cat Bordhi’s new book and some sparkly yarn to play with. Time to start contemplating those Renumerating It Advancewise items I promised to make in 2008 …

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2 Comments on “Christmas givens”

  1. It’s wonderful to read that your knitting was received so enthusiastically. Sounds like you did a perfect job.

  2. Steph Says:

    Hi Donna,
    Do I have a great book recommendation for you. The Crafter’s Companion: Tips, Tales and Patterns from a Community of Creative Minds edited by Anna Turborg. I just finished it and it was great fun to read–and knitting is featured prominently.
    Here’s the blurb: “An online community of skilled artists have come together to answer these questions: Why do you create? What inspires you? Where do you work? Additionally, each artist has contributed a pattern of her own design, making The Crafter’s Companion the ideal resource for practical projects and encouraging words.”
    Lots of great new crafting blogs to check out too!

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