Asterisks in for the vowels

Pattern: Wee Tiny Swap Sock (pdf) by Emily Ivey
Yarn: Knit Picks Essential Multi, Blue-Violet colorway
Needles: U.S. 0 nickel Options fixed 32″ circulars (Magic Loop)

I’ve been looking for an excuse to knit something wee and tiny. There are some downright adorable patterns floating around for ornament-sized socks, sweaters, and mittens — perfect for using up tiny bits of yarn. When Emily, the mastermind behind Dishrag Tag, announced her second annual Wee Tiny Sock Swap, I jumped at the chance to be hustled into wee tiny knitting. (It’s the way I organize my whole life — obligate myself to someone for something I wanted to do anyway. It takes the “gee, I hope I get around to that” factor right out of the equation.)

The swap is a bit more of a round-robin than a true swap.  (Maybe that’s the way all these things work — I’m a novice.)  I send my WTS to the person whose address was assigned to me.  Meanwhile, my address has been assigned to a third party, who will send me a sock.  (What will I do with a wee tiny sock?  Um … possibly tie a ribbon to it and hang it on my Christmas tree in 8 months.)

It’s a quick turnaround. I got the name and address of my swapee on Friday evening. Today I cast on (man, those #0 needles are smallish) after lunch, got through the heel turn during the kids’ naps, and finished up while Noel and Archer were at the grocery store.

Here’s the full-size sock I made with the same yarn for scale. I didn’t have much of a sense of how wee this was before knitting it.  The generously sized picture in the pattern had me thinking of something closer to a baby sock.  But no — this is more like a gerbil sock.

I followed the pattern as written, cuff-down and all (the toe-up version called for a provisional cast-on and short rows, and I just couldn’t see myself going to the trouble). Somewhere in the ribbing I lost a stitch and had to M1, leading to a slightly sloppy cuff right near the top. The tiny heel flap is nothing short of adorable, isn’t it?

Magic Looping these presented a bit of a challenge when it came time to pick up the heel flap selvedges and decrease the gusset, since the pattern is written for three dpns with the round beginning in the middle of the sole. I ended up rearranging everything after picking up the stitches (with 32″ of cable I had plenty of room to keep three magic loops going to keep my “three needles” straight until we were back in the round), putting all the heel and gusset stitches on the sole-side needle and just remembering that the round started in the middle and the decreases went on the far end, then across the instep flat, the decrease again at the start of the sole-side needle. If you needed to you could put a marker in the middle to divide the sole needle into needle 2 and needle 1.

So here it comes, Monica!  And watch out, gerbil owners — with all the yarn I have left over, your pets will be well shod come winter.

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One Comment on “Asterisks in for the vowels”

  1. Monica Says:

    The sock is adorable. I will be checking the mail for it to come soon. My daughter loves me to make these with little loops and she attaches them to her backpack. This one will be mine though, I have a little sock blocker keychain that I will put it on. I hope the one you receive is equally as beautiful.

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