When she used to rock and roll

When you’re not immersed in the knitting world, you don’t necessarily know what everyone else is knitting. But Ravelry makes it unavoidable.

Two thousand, four hundred and fifty-six of the 100,000+ Ravelry members, including me, have knit this design. That makes it the eighth most popular design on the site.

It’s called My So-Called Scarf, and it’s just two lines of pattern, repeated until you reach the desired length. It could hardly be more simple. In fact, there’s so little to it that a Raveler posted a pithy dissent a couple of months ago: “I don’t get why people love this pattern so much. If you love it please tell me why.”

I couldn’t have told you either, although I saw plenty of pretty ones on the site. But some of the folks on that thread talked about the pattern’s preternatural affinity for hand-dyed yarn. And when I was shopping on Knit Picks a month or so back during their yarn clearance, I saw that they have a hand-dyed wool yarn called Buchanan Weathered, in the colors of the Buchanan tartan. Noel’s middle name is Buchanan. I saw an opportunity to test out the claims about My So-Called Scarf, and make him something nice and particularly well-suited at the same time.

Get the Kool-Aid ready. I’m a believer.

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5 Comments on “When she used to rock and roll”

  1. doafy Says:

    Hi Donna,

    I’m Adam Villani’s little sister, and I occasionally comment on UTC, but I need some yarn advice, and you’re the only person I know who regularly makes socks.

    I just started crocheting again (after a 15 year gap) and I am obsessed. Today I got a book of patterns in the mail for crochet socks that you can wear in your shoes, like knitters do! None of this worsted weight around-the-house business. So I need some tips on sock yarn. They don’t seem to carry any at my local JoAnn’s stores, and the one yarn store I know about in town seems super expensive. (I did break down and buy a 100g skein of gorgeous sock yarn there yesterday, but it was $18.75! That’s going to be a $20 pair of socks!) Do you have any sources to go to for sock yarn? Obviously, you are in AR and I am in CA, but I thought you still might have advice.

    Thanks, I’d really appreciate it if you email me back (does wordpress give you my email address?) or comment if it doesn’t.

    Sorry about the super-long OT comment.

  2. donnadb Says:

    Hey doafy! Good to hear from you. I have two words and an internet suffix for you: Knit Picks (.com). Sock yarn is often expensive, but you can start at a bargain basement price and not skimp on quality with Knit Picks. It’s all house brand stuff, and most skeins are under $5 (you’ll need two for a pair of socks, but you can certainly get going for well under $10). I’ve knit with Essential, and I love it. Risata has more artificial fiber content, so it’s going to be really durable. Felici is a bit more expensive than the other yarns because it’s imported from Italy — it’s a self-striping yarn that (in my opinion) is really stunning. (More expensive here is a relative term — certainly you’re not going to see many skeins at that price at your local yarn store!)

    Happy shopping!

  3. doafy Says:

    Thanks so much! I’ll start looking! Seriously, it seems so wrong to *start off* with an $18 skein of yarn.

  4. Simple can be beautiful. Your scarf is lovely. The colors and your very neat work. I simply have to get back to Ravelry and immerse myself soon LOL….. 🙂

  5. Lisa Says:

    Hiya, long time no dishrags! thought I would drop by and say hello, and also add you to my blog reader, which seems to be the way I keep up with a lot of people these days. I have also knit a so-called scarf, though I don’t have it on Ravelry. mmm, ravelry, a wonderful thing. Hope all is well with you? I haven’t knit a dishrag since our tag run, but I did get someone else started on the dishrag knitting obsession, so life is good.

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