The perfect way to die

Pattern: Detonator (Sock Wars III) by Julie Gardner
Yarn: Southwest Trading Company Tofuties (superwash wool, soy, cotton, chitin), colorway 732
Needles: U.S. 2 Knit Picks Nickel Options 40″ circular (two-at-a-time Magic Loop)

Sox Addict? Yeah, you in Renton, Washington?  Dead knitter walking.

Thanks to the vagaries of the international mails, I had an extra day to finish the toes and laboriously Kitchener them up. This morning I packed them up and ran by the post office on my way to teach the Methodist pastors.

Just about one week of knitting in literally every spare moment, and I got a pair done. That blows the doors off any past sock knitting I’ve done, and I don’t expect to come close to it until the next time I’m in a competitive situation. The pattern was only one size in terms of circumference, with the only variation being in the length of the foot. So since the socks I knit were, shall we say, relaxed on my feet, I suspect they’ll also be roomy on my target’s size 7 feet.

I had to forge ahead with my knitting in the absence of my 2-at-a-time instructions, so when I got to the heel, I did it a little differently than the made-up way I used for my still-in-progress Jaywalkers. I did the instep then heel on Sock A, then the instep and heel on Sock B — meaning that the heels turned out to be on different sides of the cable. But it actually made more sense in terms of going round and round — I would repeat the same steps for both socks, in the same order, rather than doing mirror images. (Actually, in my Jaywalkers, I’ve ended up on different rows of the pattern on each sock …)

Turned out I got my weapon in the mail just in time. When I got home this afternoon, there was a pair of socks just waiting on my doorstep ready to blow up in my face.

Beautiful, aren’t they? And ElectroGirl (from across the pond) included an adorable fuzzy sheep bookmark, which Cady Gray immediately claimed as her own.

It was something of a relief to put them on and find the same relaxed fit as the ones I knit for my target. I wore them while my kids outlined race courses on the driveway on this beautiful spring afternoon. The Tofutsies are light and cool — perfect for summertime wearing. I can imagine a light-as-air lace scarf or wrap made out of this yarn.

I’m dead, and I’m loving it. Time to resurrect the Clapotis.

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2 Comments on “The perfect way to die”

  1. Sox Addict Says:

    I have been in love with the colorway you picked for the instrument of my demise ever since I saw the picture on your blog! I’m looking forward to biting the dust. Then maybe I can take the time to remove a little bit of it from my furniture!!! But I think today I will do my best to finish the second sock of this second pair ——- just in case the mail is slow between Arkansas and Washington. 🙂

  2. Wow, a pair of socks in a week! Inconceivable!

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