I fall in love from my head to my feet

Another day, another pocket hat!

This time I made the watch cap length rather than the stocking cap. But I did feel better about the stocking cap (which Cady Gray is wearing in the photo) when I caught a little bit of The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou on cable.

I’m not the best at Kitchener stitch in the world. I tend to snug it up too tightly while it’s still on the needles because I’ve never been able to tighten it very well after the fact. I definitely did it too tightly here — see how it’s pulling the stitches on either side open?

Here you can see my ongoing struggle with the jogless back join. The new color tends to extend down into the old color on stitch number four of the join, the one that is slipped on the second round. The effect is something like a comma dropping down below the line of print. What am I missing here?

But hey — these are some handsome hats! I’ve already started number three (in yet another color sequence)!

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One Comment on “I fall in love from my head to my feet”

  1. Can’t help you on the jogless join, but if you figure it out, pass it on. 🙂

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