Catch the spirit

A couple of weeks ago I offered to help the ebullient but obviously overworked Kimberli, organizer of the Ravelympics (Ravelry link — members only, and if you’re not one, I’ve got four precious invitations to give out …). Knitters will seize upon any excuse to knit in groups — competitions, knitalongs, assassination games, phases of the moon, whatever somebody can think up and publicize. So when a couple of visionary leaders put the idea out there to challenge knitters to start and finish a project within the 17 days of the Summer Olympics, from torch lighting to torch extinguishing, it didn’t take long for it to catch on.

Actually, catching on is one thing — but this is ridiculous. As I type, about 7 hours until the end of signups, there are 5382 people registered — planning to finish 14,926 projects. I find myself the co-leader of the largest group of people by far that I’ve ever been responsible for.

How hard could it be, you ask? Incredibly easy in terms of the group’s enthusiasm and cooperation. It’s difficult to believe the tiny ratio of troublemakers to supportive, helpful, grateful members.

But to have so many people depending on you to keep your promises and build the structure that will make this a satisfying experience — that’s tough. It’s a full-time job. Like building a course, like building an educational program, like building an assignment — success is dependent on visibility, clarity, confidence, and availability.

I’m inspired by how quickly and warmly those 5K Ravelers respond whenever I show up to answer a question or solve a problem. Their thanks keeps me going. Let the games begin!

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One Comment on “Catch the spirit”

  1. Kimberli Says:

    I’ve just now stumbled upon TWIR #27 and saw where our blurbs on Ravelympics made it into their own little article! WOW! And we both wrote about different aspects but our personalities came through. I was amazed reading it. I loved what you said about all those crafts being made…made me go all goosebumpy and all Ravlympian-spirit! 😉 Then I found your blogs…how did I miss this! You just capture exactly how I feel and put it into something so eloquent! We’ve made a great team, my partner in Ravlympian-crime 😉

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