I hear you singing in the wires

The Ravelympic Endpaper Mitts have been steadily growing, thanks to late nights watching the swimmers and gymnasts.

I’ve gotten even more comfortable with Fair Isle thanks to a tip from Janice. She commented in my last post that by knitting the tube inside out — working on the needles farthest away from you, rather than the ones near you — the problem of the floats pulling too tight around the “corners” of a change of needles is alleviated. I couldn’t necessarily picture it, but I tried it. Sure enough — the floats have to go around the outside of the work to the other side, leaving built-in give around the bend. I started knitting that way a few rounds into the thumb gusset, and quickly lost my anxiety about tension pretty much for good.

(Above: the inside-out view.)  I still haven’t entirely solved my Fair Isle issues — the purple main color here tends to vary in tension more than the gray contrasting color — but these are going to be respectable mitts. A little less than halfway through the 17 days of the Games, and I’m one good time trial away from finishing number one, which puts me on schedule for finishing the pair within the Ravelympic time frame with a couple of days left over for my ballband dishcloths.

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3 Comments on “I hear you singing in the wires”

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  2. Janice Says:

    They look great!

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