A fire that slowly fades till dawn

From Toxophily

Pattern: Scrunchable Scarf by Susan McConne
Yarn: Bamboo Spun (77% bamboo, 23% polyamide)
Needle: U.S. 9 wooden straights

I finished my contribution for the Red Scarf Project in the Show Barn at the beautiful Winthrop Rockefeller Center atop Petit Jean Mountain, alternately standing up and sitting down as my freshman students tried to name all 100 of their classmates.  But always knitting, knitting, knitting toward freedom!

From Toxophily

The finished scarf is about as cuddly a creation as you could imagine.  Knit at a loose gauge, the texture is like chenille, but lightweight.  I can’t stop fondling the fabric and thrusting it into the hands of passersby for them to feel.  “It’s bamboo!” I exclaim, to generally puzzled looks.

As soon as I can get some gifty items to accompany it, the scarf will be on its way to the Orphan Foundation of America to become part of their Red Scarf Project.  Godspeed, soft scrunchable bamboo red scarf — may you warm the neck and forward the fashion of a worthy college student this Valentine’s Day!

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One Comment on “A fire that slowly fades till dawn”

  1. […] is done. If anything, this slightly more open weave is even cozier and more comforting than the Scrunchable Scarf I made out of this same yarn in […]

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