Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past

From Toxophily

Pattern: 8-Trick Pocket Hat by TECHknitter
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish DK (100% superwash merino wool), colorways: Terra Cotta, Dusk, Hollyberry, Peach Cream, Frost
Needles: U.S. 5 Harmony Options 32” circular, U.S. 3 Nickel Options 32” fixed circular

I’ve finally completed the last of these three hats, and I think I’ve absorbed a few of the many lessons the pattern is designed to teach.  It took until the last one before I really grasped a new way to join the long-tail cast-on in the round.  The tubular edge was easy.  I struggled with the jogless stripes, but by this last hat, I think I’ve just about got it.

This is my first major striped project, my first project with more than two colors.  I’ve resisted multicolored projects because they require an investment in several skeins of yarn, and it’s just seemed … risky, somehow.  Now, having tried stranded knitting and stripes this summer, I’m addicted to color.  I still don’t have a whole lot of confidence in my ability to combine colors – my mother-in-law does things with her quilting that make my jaw drop, and I just can’t imagine how she makes those decisions – but I’m willing to throw some combinations against the wall and see what sticks.  Especially if I can do it with Knit Picks yarn on sale, as in this case.

At the end of all this learning, my family has a set of handsome hats to wear this winter.  Want one?  I can whip it up for you in a jiffy.

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3 Comments on “Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past”

  1. Wait a minute. Just three? Shouldn’t you be making one for yourself so the whole family can be coordinated?

    I sense that I should probably read that TECHKnitter link, especially with my resistance to gauge swatches and the problems that stem from such an attitude.

  2. Sonia Says:

    Combining colors can be such a fun challenge! Get crazy & creative–the worst that will happen is you’ll have to change the colors around!

  3. […] here for a photo of a cool guy enjoying his hat, also check out donnab’s blog and here to see a charming family in their matching pocket […]

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