They are persuaded by the music of the bells

Opinions differ whether it’s rude to knit during a conference presentation.  I did not let the ambiguity prevent me from knitting through every single presentation at the International Society for Religion, Literature, and Culture conference in beautiful Aarhus, Denmark.


Well, all save one — I didn’t pull out these brightly striped Jaywalkers during the first keynote presentation.  But by midway through it, I wished I had.  Not that the talk was bad or boring, but lack of sleep led me to zone out far too often, and wish I had something to fiddle with so the motionless sitting wouldn’t comatize me.

So I didn’t make that mistake again.  And after two and a half days of sessions, I had about six inches done on the legs, having started just past the cuff.  Pretty fast work for me, given that I stopped frequently to make notes or ask questions.

I also brought knits to wear.  Check out the first public appearance of the Spring Forward socks, here relaxing by the Aarhus River!

And my Clapotis has been out in the chilly fall weather every day.  Here’s a self-portrait in the Botanical Gardens.

Every shop window is full of knitwear, especially large chunky or cabled scarves.   I couldn’t resist taking photos of about every other one.  They’ll probably pop up on Ravelry so some design detectives can help decipher the patterns.  It’s nice to walk around with your neck cuddled up in loveliness, feeling utterly fashion forward and yet fitting right in.

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One Comment on “They are persuaded by the music of the bells”

  1. Cornelia Says:

    It was fascinating to watch you knitting during the presentations. I kept on wondering all the time how you managed to concentrate on what looked like some really intricate patterns to me. Glad to hear you managed to have another day off and enjoy a little more of Aarhus than just the Faculty of Theology building – I didn’t have the time for that, but at least I found the time to buy a nice book in between planes at Copenhagen Airport and even managed to read the first 100 pages or so. All the best!

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