It’s beginning to look

Nothing went exactly as planned today, and we’re looking forward to the same tomorrow.  Ice began falling from the sky in the morning, and by 1 pm the city schools announced they were closing in 30 minutes.  Snow and sleet made the ground white.  First the roof, then the driveway, then the road turned into a sheet of nubbly ice, like a spun sugar cake decoration.  I messaged Noel not to plan on driving home at midnight tonight from the airport, even if he’s able to fly in.  And the schools have just announced that they’ll be closed tomorrow.  I began to rejuggle my week’s tasks to take account of a twenty-four hour enforced hiatus.

And then the mail came. With a package from the Secret Knitter.

Can you tell what that design is? Here, try this one.

Ring any bells?

Yep, it’s the A.V. Club logo — in dishcloth form. I laughed out loud when I pulled these out. What a tonic for an anxious day.

SK kindly wrote up the pattern so I can make them for all my co-workers:

You see what he did there? It’s The A.V. Club Hipster Dishrag. Because the official phrase of the site is “hipster douchebag.” As memorialized on this bit of swag. This provoked a second outburst of genuine, out-loud laughing.

Oh, but that’s not all. For moi:

Yarn Chef Bouillabaisse. 100% superwash merino, fingering, hand-dyed in Buttercup colors. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

And probably for moi as well (Noel’s not here and I’m grabbing all the gusto I can get):

Chocolates from Pure Imagination.

Could anything else have raised my spirits as high from as low as they had sunk on this icy, dark, lonely day? A smile from a friend can make you feel like a new person, sometimes.

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One Comment on “It’s beginning to look”

  1. I’m so glad you liked it and that the package arrived on the right day. Make sure to let Noel have at least one piece of the chocolate, though. 🙂

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