Will you walk with me out on the wire

Pattern: Jasmine Fingerless Mitts (Rav link) by Anne Sahakian
Yarn: Zitron Trekking XXL (75% superwash wool, 25% polyamide), colorway 108
Needles: U.S. 3 Knit Picks Options 40″ fixed circulars (two-at-a-time Magic Loop)

Way back last summer, when we went to Williamsburg to celebrate my parents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary, I started a pair of fingerless mitts. The timing was right in so many ways. The Fingerless Glove Fanatics group on Ravelry was doing this brand-new pattern as their July KAL. The pattern had a modification for a more male-appropriate version, without the faux cabling on the ribbing. And I had a couple of men on my Pay It Forward list who were owed some knitwear.

I didn’t get much past the wrist that summer before other projects took over.  In my zeal for completing all UFOs before embarking on 2009 knits, I picked these back up a week ago and polished them off in short order.  But this yarn, which looked like it might be manly enough in the ball, knit up with a rather wonderful rainbow stripe effect, muted by its colorful twist. Nope, these are great, but they’re a tad on the flamboyant side for the guys I have in mind.

Because the twist creates its own patterning, you can’t see the diamond texture of the mitts as well as intended. But strangely enough, that texture makes the striping seem more rugged and less girlish.  These may not be the right mitts for the man in your life, but they still have plenty of game.  Light enough to wear all day, but not so delicate that you’re afraid of snagging them on a splinter or marring them with a smudge.

Isn’t it great when things don’t come out as planned, but you learn something new along the way?

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