The sun shines, people forget

Pattern: Woodland Shawl by Nikol Lohr
Yarn: Duo Merino (100% merino wool)
Needles: U.S 6 circular Harmony wood Options needles

When I started Project 18, the first number that selected from my 2009 personal projects club, I was excited to open the bag and see one of my Stash of Precious Yarns. I bought this rich burgundy light fingering-weight yarn during my visit to Aarhus, Denmark, last October.

The pattern I had slipped into the bag was the Green Cabled Armwarmers, another pair of elbow-length mitts. But the yarn was so light that it seemed impossible to cast on a reasonable number of stitches and get a nice fabric. After a few inches, I frogged and went looking for other projects.

When I saw the Woodland Shawl in my Ravelry fingering-weight favorites, I wasn’t certain at first. Although I’ve done lace in socks and a scarf, I didn’t feel like I’d done — well, lace lace. A lace wrap would definitely be a stretch. But I had plenty of yarn — almost 600 feet — and it seemed like I could make a generous shawl.

It only took half a repeat of the lace pattern for me to become wildly enthusiastic about this marriage of yarn and pattern. The yarn is slightly slubby, a teensy bit rustic. In the leaf pattern, it blossomed. And although it took me several repeats (I did 21 overall), I had the chart almost memorized for most of the knitting.

And that’s a good thing, since I knit most of this on my many trips over the past month. Dallas, Claremont, Atlanta … I powered through the chart over and over again. Seeing the leaves emerge, nested within each other, never got old. As I neared the end, I got excited about seeing what the lace would look like blocked and extended.

Just look. You’d think I’d been knitting lace all my life. My goal was to cover my shoulders with drifting leaves at graduation ceremonies this May. But I’m going to have to find some more elegant occasions before then, because this beautiful cascade of yarn and space is too wonderful to keep hidden away.

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2 Comments on “The sun shines, people forget”

  1. Emilee Says:

    It’s lovely!

  2. Beautiful wrap! You wear it well, too. Congratulations!

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