With every step you climb another mountain

Noel and the kids are away for a few days, and I have lots of big plans on how to spend my free time.  This afternoon the first thing I did after two church services and lunch was to get started organizing the yarn I’ve bought since the beginning of the year.

If I hadn’t gotten tired of standing up — no, scratch that.  If my laptop battery hadn’t run down, I’d be back in the guest room still, sorting skeins, browsing Ravelry, printing out or copying patterns, and packaging yarn and printouts up in plastic or paper bags.  In fact, I brought the Knit Picks section of the stash out into the living room, along with bags, computer (plugged in now) and Sharpie in order to get a little further while I watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 tonight.

Why do I enjoy planning what to knit?  My personal projects club has become almost a religion.  I look forward avidly to revealing the next number.  I strategize ways to make the process more effective.  I look at the boxes of yarn that has accomulated since I resolved to start knitting from stash, and it doesn’t make me ashamed that I’ve bought so much yarn — it makes me happy that I can add some of my new favorite projects to the list that I’m fully equipped to make.

There are certainly many things I could do to improve our living quarters before the family returns on Wednesday.  And I’m going to clean their rooms and straighten some of the piles of randomness around the house, I swear.  Right now, though, the most pleasurable mess there is to sort through is the mess o’ yarn.  And I’m loving every minute of it.

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