Somewhere over the water next to a harbor

Pattern: Gloria Cowl recipe by Orinda5
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Mediumweight (100% merino wool), Lapis colorway, held doubled
Needles: U.S. 8 Harmony wood Options 16″ circular

Why do people knit for years, decades, and lifetimes? Because there is always something new to see.

Take this beautiful yarn, which I bought at Knitch in Atlanta while visiting the city for a committee meeting. I tried to knit a sock with it. But as so often happens with gorgeous variegated yarn, I wasn’t happy at all with the look of it after a few inches. It was … garish. The colors pooled. The result was unpleasant — not at all what I was hoping for when I picked it out of all that beautiful sock yarn at that beautiful store.

When I ran across pictures of this simple cowl on Ravelry, I thought immediately of this yarn. The idea is to hold two strands of the yarn together, but to stagger them so different sections of the color sequence are next to each other. If the strands are different colors, there will be multiple colors in each stitch, minimizing the probability of pooling.

What a revelation! Watching the big stitches form so quickly on the big needles, watching the complex color sequences recombine and march across the stockingette, it was mesmerizing and magical. Before I knew it, the yarn had dwindled away to almost nothing and the cowl was done.

I refuse to believe that beautiful yarn can’t become a beautiful knitted object. Thanks to a failed pair of socks and an inspiring photograph, I found the one for this very special skein. It’s like a circle of love, formed from color and warmth.

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