Send her my love

Pattern: Checkmate by Emily Ivey (official dishcloth pattern of Son of Dish Rag Tag 2009)
Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream Stripes (100% cotton)
Needles: U.S. 8 alumnium straights

For want of an early mail delivery, an advantage was lost. Anxiously did I await the little box containing my Son of Dish Rag Tag assignment. It had been bouncing around the country for more than a month, and I was its second-to-last stop.

But when it finally arrived at 2:30 pm on Saturday, the post offices had long since closed. I had all weekend to knit, even though I only needed two hours to turn the enclosed stripey yarn into a Neopolitan ice cream sundae of a dishcloth.

So I had plenty of time to peruse the blog and Ravelry profile of the intrepid anchor of the Peaches & Speed team, who shall remain only S.G. and linkless until she’s received the surprise Stephanie from Columbus, Ohio. Hm, she likes elephants. Do I have any elephants around the house that will fit into a Priority Mail small flat rate box? No?

Wonder if I could make one?

Pattern: Little Elephant by Christine Landry
Yarn: Lily Sugar’n Cream leftovers
Needle: U.S. 4 Harmony wood Options 24″ circular

It’s my first ever toy, and it turned out really cute. My sewing-up skills are negligible at best; the Kitchener stitch on the back is pretty bad. I almost ran out of green (one of her favorite colors) leftover dishcloth cotton, and had to dig up another leftover ball in my leftovers bag to finish the second ear. I wanted to do French knots for eyes but gave up after not really understanding the internet instructions I found, and ended up with some improvised embroidered dots.

I call her Raggie. And now she’s stuffed in a box that’s almost more tape than cardboard, guarding a treasure trove of goodies for the aforementioned S.G.

We might not win, thanks to the enforced weekend delay. But we had a great time. Go Peaches & Speed!

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