You’re every song I ever sing

Pattern: Flying Flag by Lucinda Guy (from Kids Learn To Knit
Needles: U.S. 8 bamboo straights
Yarn: Yarn Bee Snowflake Wool Blend (56% wool, 22% polyester, 22% PTT), colorway Pale Aqua

Knitter: Cady Gray

I’m not the most patient teacher. But when Cady Gray asked to learn to knit, I promised myself I would not turn her off the hobby by pushing or being perfectionist. I let her end our knitting sessions when she wanted. I asked her frequently if she would knit with me, but didn’t get upset if she said no … just asked again the next day.

And as much my reward as hers: her first finished project. This garter stitch square has 25 rows and 16 stitches. Every few days, she picked it up and knit a row, marking it off on her photocopied chart. Once she got within 10 of the end, she started knitting in longer stretches, five and six rows at a clip. I helped with the bind-off; the passing-stitches-over involved is a part that still frustrates her and she’s happy to hand off. But every bit of the knitting, from casting on to the last row, is pure five-year-old girl.

Once the knitting was done, we made a trip to the fabric store to pick up felt, a button, and thread for the embellishment. Waiting in line for the checkout, Cady Gray hugged me and said (using the phrasing I taught her in the car) “My first FO!” The two ladies ahead of us chuckled, and Cady Gray proudly showed them her knitted square.

Oh, the feeling of accomplishment. I have spoken all along as if initiating Cady Gray into a secret club. I’ve praised her even rows and her ability to spot when she makes a mistake, telling her that she now speaks the language of knitting. I’ve celebrated when she agrees to knit with me, letting her know that I find our time together special. And I’m honestly astounded by how quickly she picked it up and how confident she’s become.

This afternoon when we finished our sewing and had taken our pictures, Cady Gray ran to get the knitting book and find out what her next project was. She whisked it away to her room, and when her dad unwittingly walked in, she shooed him away. “Knitters only!” she proclaimed.

Yes, my love. You are a knitter.

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4 Comments on “You’re every song I ever sing”

  1. Ali Says:


  2. Grandma Libby Says:

    I’m sooo proud of you, Cady Gray!! All my knitting friends are really impressed.

  3. Beverly Says:

    Can’t seem to find a “contact” or “email” button for you on your site so figured I’d just send you the message via comment on your latest project. I was thinking of subscribing to your blog via Kindle but was noticing that you’ve only blogged twice in 2 months. Normally if I purchase a monthly blog subscription there is a blog every day or nearly every day. Will you be blogging more often? Just let me know. thank you!

    • Donna B. Says:

      I sent you the following at the e-mail address you provided on your comment a couple of weeks ago.

      I have a daily blog at — that one is updated every day. There’s not much knitting content on there; if I do a knitting post on the other blog, I link to it, though. Toxophily ( is my knitting blog, typically updated only when I finish something. So it’s irregular but usually a few times a month. I have been working on a blanket since January — slow going, but actually I’m almost done — and I hope to have a couple of FO’s for the Ravelympics.

      I’d love to have you as a subscriber on Kindle for either or both of the blogs. Thanks for your interest!

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