Even if it takes a lifetime


Pattern: Ayla by Jordana Paige
Needles: U.S. 10.5 Harmony wood Options 32-inch circulars
Yarn: Patons SWS Soy Wool Solids (70% wool, 30% soy), colorways Natural Indigo and Natural Raisin

FELTING.jpg BagJump.jpg

I thought this was going to be the hard one.


During the Ravelympics 2010 mass cast-on at the opening ceremonies, this bag is the project I started. It was going to be a lot of knitting, I thought. I had a bag of yarn I had scored at Tuesday Morning months earlier. I had a Fibonacci stripe sequence (replacing the intarsia of the pattern) set up from the Random Stripe Generator. I was ready for the long haul.


When I made relatively quick progress on the bottom and body, getting all the way up to the eyelets by the middle of the first week, I felt comfortable setting it aside to start the doll family that was my second project. It was the the day before the closing ceremonies before those dolls released their grip. There I was at a brunch in honor of visiting old friends, madly cranking away on I-cord and straps. There I was, hours before the Ravelympics deadline, sewing the whole thing together in the wonkiest way imaginable, just to get it done, and finding to my horror that the pattern called for a little skirt to be knit all the way around the bottom to hide the seam.


And truth be told, although the felting was done before the stadium doors slammed shut (probably too done — I knew SWS felted fast, but I was too sanguine about throwing it back in for a second full go-round and it came out alarmingly small), it sat around until today waiting for me to sew on the straps. Which I did in the half-assed style in which this whole project was undertaken. Once I got it on Cady Gray’s back, I realized that I should have sewed the top of the straps tucked under, not pointing up.


Oh, well. I claimed my medals. And Cady Gray loves her bag. Chalk this one up in the win column — not pretty, but it’s in the books nonetheless.

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