Don’t go blaming the kids again


Pattern: Hooting Henry by Lucinda Guy (from Kids Learn To Knit)
Yarn: Plymouth Encore Worsted (75% acrylic, 25% wool), colorway 4045
Needles: U.S. 8 bamboo straights
Knitter: Cady Gray

Stockinette stitch. It’s a beautiful thing when a beginning knitter achieves it after mastering knit and purl. Garter stitch is wonderfully squishy, ribbing is wonderfully stretchy, but stockinette is smooth, professional, and sleek — the very essence of knit fabric for most people.


Hooting Henry is two rectangles of stockinette sewn together, stuffed, and given felt and button features. Observe the even stitches, the regular columns of knit-stitch Vs marching up and down the surface of the fabric.


Now note how cuddly and adorable that fabric becomes when stuffed and given a few embellishments. Any child would love such a soft and cute toy.


But this is not just any child. This is the child who knit this exercise in stockinette, all 58 rows of him. Her love is deepened by the hours she spent with him, stitch by stitch. It’s a beautiful thing when a knitter, a stitch pattern, and a finished object come together.

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One Comment on “Don’t go blaming the kids again”

  1. Grandma Libby Says:

    Well done, Cady Gray! You put my stockinette stitch to shame. I could never get such even stitches. I hope you continue to learn more about knitting.
    Grandma Libby

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