We can dance if we want to


Pattern: City Skyline Scarf by hollisqueen
Yarn: Lion Brand Lion Cashmere Blend (72% merino, 15% nylon, 13% cashmere), colorway 113 (discontinued)
Needles: U.S. 10 Signature straights

Sometimes it’s all about the yarn. Especially yarn that you dug out of a bargain bin and rescued from dusty, tangled obscurity. Yarn that called to you even though the last thing you needed was more yarn. “Look at me here among the fun fur and acrylic,” it whimpered. “I’ve been here the last three times you’ve come by. Nobody wants me. You’re my last hope. I know I can be beautiful again. I just need a little love.”


I’ve always told my students to embrace the disreputable. But it can be a risk. You give your time and your effort to something that everybody else has turned up their noses at. And sometimes you get hurt. Sometimes what you’ve tried so hard to love isn’t worthy, and that can be hard to admit after you kill yourself to make it work.


But oh, when it works … there’s nothing more glorious. If you could feel this scarf through the computer, you would never want to let it go. Light as air, soft as a cloud, squishy and cozy as your childhood teddy bear. And the alternating columnar lace and garter stitch patterning is sophisticated enough for a Manhattan executive while remaining warm and inviting.


It’s a lucky college student who will this scarf next February. From yarn nobody wanted comes the perfect luxurious gift to spread love in the world.

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One Comment on “We can dance if we want to”

  1. […] blend, I think of this pattern.  One of the favorite simple scarves I’ve ever made is this version in sadly-discontinued Lion Cashmere Blend.  And although I did a cursory search for other […]

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