We can make it if we run


Pattern: Waves Scarf by Vanessa Hailey
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver Solids (100% acrylic), colorways Cherry Red and White
Hook: J/6.0 mm

In some ways, life is all about confidence. We all have moments when we’re not sure of what we’re doing. It doesn’t look or feel like we expected. There’s ambiguity that makes us wonder if we’re on the right track.


Counting crochet stitches is like that for me. As I get to the edge, I start getting anxious. Did I start in the right place? Is it all lining up right? Is that last bit a stitch I should work, or the turning chain? As I turn and go back the other way, I can see if it is making sense. Soon I’m on my way again, with a little more experience, a little more understanding, and a little more confidence that I’ll do it right the next time.


This scarf was an exercise in that wavering conviction. Each edge required the right decision so that the foothills of the next stripe would occur precisely above the valleys of the previous one. Every time I saw it come out right, I felt more sure that I was reading my stitching correctly and comprehending the structure of a turn.


I imagine that the athletes of the Special Olympics Winter Games in Washington, where this scarf is bound, have a similar experience as they learn their sports. Over and over again, moments of crisis resolve into incremental success. And while skill grows with practice, what’s more important is that confidence, too. That confidence is the most important outcome of the Games for these athletes. They will take it with them far from the slopes and rink, into every part of their lives.

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