No catch, no strings


Pattern: Helleborus Yoke by Mathew Gnagy
Yarn: Cascade Eco+ (100% wool), colorway 8449
Needles: U.S. 7 & 9 24″ Harmony wood circulars (knit flat except for sleeves)
Project details and modifications: on Ravelry (no sign-in required)

Turn the world on its side, and see how it looks. Travel in a different direction, go around by a new route, and feel the journey change.


This sweater begins at the right front edge, goes around the torso and over the shoulder (curving the cables gently around the arm with short rows), then marches across the back before reversing the whole arrangement and ending up at the left front. All that’s left when you are done making this side-to-side vest with armholes is to attach two sleeves, put button bands on the cast-on and cast-off edges, and attach an elegant collar.


Knitting a cardigan from buttonholes to buttons is an exercise in trust. You cannot tell how big around it is going to be until it is nearly done. All you can do is remind yourself that you knit a gauge swatch and calculated the predicted results. Then keep going row by row until the yoke flows back around over the left shoulder and the shape of the nearly-completed tube can be witnessed.


The moment when you slip it on and find a perfect fit is a quiet, everyday miracle. The numbers, the pattern, the geometry, and your trust have produced what was always in the cards but could never be anticipated.


Passing through a crowd, you are surrounded by people who have no idea how out of the ordinary this ordinary sweater is. They see only the product, but you know the process. The wonder is that you headed out in an unknown direction, and arrived back home warm, unruffled, and just in time.

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2 Comments on “No catch, no strings”

  1. Amanda Page Says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous piece! A little like jumping out of a plane and you think your parachute is going to work. Well done!

  2. […] of my most beloved sweaters is Helleborus Yoke. Not only does it fit beautifully, but the style is so versatile. Short sleeves, fits great under a […]

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