You’ve got me running, you’ve got me searching


Pattern: The Perfect Slouch by Tar3820
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Cable Cotton (100% cotton), colorway Golden
Needles: U.S. 7 24″ Harmony wood circulars
Hook: U.S. G/4.00mm

My class is doing a service learning project for Conway Cradle Care, an organization that provides day care and other support to teen mothers and fathers to help them finish high school. When they talked and wrote about what they wanted to do for the group, many mentioned crafting not only for the babies, but for their parents.


Among the seventeen of us, we figured we could outfit the high schoolers that CCC serves (mostly girls, with a few guys involved as well) by making hats. For some of the students, making a hat will be a new adventure — maybe even one they’re not sure they’re ready for. For others, more than one hat can come off the needles between now and the holiday party where they’ll be presented.


We made our preliminary plans on Thursday. On Friday I experimented with the brim of this hip little hat, which is crocheted for firmness and fit. On Saturday I picked up stitches to knit the top. On Sunday I asked my daughter to model the finished hat. It suited her like she was born to it.


Every girl is someone’s daughter. For the babies in the CCC day care, for their mothers trying to hold onto their last years of being a kid while they’re forced by circumstances to be adults, there’s still a lifetime of chances ahead. I hope this hat in sundrenched yellow and perfectly fashionable tilt lifts the spirits of a young student this winter. I hope she puts it on right after she takes off her mortarboard at her graduation, right before someone hands over her child for a celebratory hug. I hope it goes with her to college.

I hope — no, I know — that this is only the first of many hats for me and my students.

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6 Comments on “You’ve got me running, you’ve got me searching”

  1. Amanda Page Says:

    Giving kids the chance to give to other kids is a grand thing. (And inserting ELO’s very ear-wormy “Sweet Talkin’ Woman” into my brain just before bed time is just cruel! Thanks to an ELO loving spouse, I even have the little call back lyrics in my head – you got me runnin’ (run run), you got me searching (oh baby!))

  2. […] any other knitters-or-crocheters-in-my-local-area want to participate in this project? I’ll spring for postage and send all the hats in one big package. (I’ll update this […]

  3. Coralee Says:

    I’m with Amanda, great idea, that idea should be in place all over the world. Giving is a good thing, quantity is never the issue, it’s about the heart. Donna, what could I do to help, do you need supplies, etc?

  4. Leah Says:

    How lovely! I will do my very best to make a hat for a mom and a baby.

  5. […] acrylic advantage cannot be denied when it comes to my class’s service learning project for Conway Cradle Care. We are crafting for teen parents and their babies. What we make — […]

  6. […] wearing the second Perfect Slouch hat I’ve knit. The first one was made last year for a Conway Cradle Care client — a teenage mother that can stay in school […]

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