No time to question my moves


Pattern: Pokeball Go! by Rose Langlitz
Yarn: Pisgah Yarn & Dye Co. Peaches & Creme Solids (100% cotton), colorways Red, White and Black
Hook: U.S. G/4.00mm

So I was cutting foam board and painting and measuring and generally working hard on making Cady Gray her costume for Halloween. She wants to be a Poké Ball, you see.


I felt like the costume would not have that elusive meta quality unless Cady Gray could appear at neighborhood houses dressed as a Poké Ball and also carrying a Poké Ball.


And I also felt like it was high time I ventured into the vast and supercute territory of fun and nerdy crocheted toys. So I made Cady Gray a Poké Ball to carry. And then, lest he feel left out, I made her brother one, too.


“I’m going to pretend that my Poké Ball is capturing Halloween candy like it’s wild Pokémon!” Cady Gray enthused when I gave it to her. Exactly, my darling. Here’s two bucks and forty-five minutes’ worth of crocheted toy I made for you, because I know how much you love pretending to be a Pokémon trainer. Let your imagination run wild.

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