In shock they stare and cue fanfare


Pattern: Stripey Secret Book by Lucinda Guy, from Kids Learn To Knit
Yarn: Vanna’s Choice (100% acrylic), colorways Navy and Colonial Blue; Vanna’s Choice Baby (100% acrylic), colorway Sweet Pea)
Needles: U.S. 8 bamboo straights
Knitter: Cady Gray

Thirty stitches. One hundred twenty rows. Six-year-old hands on bamboo needles. A lot of smoothies and frappucinos.


Three colors of yarn. four stripes. Joy when it came time to change them. Much discussion of harmony and contrast. Color you could feel. Color you could almost taste.


A secret shared between knitters. Whispers whenever non-knitters were around. Felt pages stitched into a book to hold all the secrets of a childhood. Pins, notes, feathers. Whatever a girl might want to keep safe.


Two buttons.  Two button loops.  Pride in a crafting accomplishment. A little girl polishes off her fourth finished object, and by far her largest. Now the secret can be told, and all the stripey goodness can be lavishly admired.

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2 Comments on “In shock they stare and cue fanfare”

  1. Grandma Libby Says:

    Oh, CG, I’m proud of you!!
    Grandma Libby

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