Heat was in the very sod which the saint had printed


Pattern: A Hat Fit For A Boyfriend by Stephanie Nicole
Yarn: Classic Elite Renaissance (100% wool), colorway 7193
Needles: U.S. 8 Harmony wood Options 24″ circular needles (magic loop style)

Unisex hats. They tend to be basic; men don’t care for the decorative touches, or so the assumption goes. They’re ribbed. They’ve got an understate cable. They come in gray or navy or black. Nobody gets excited about knitting a unisex hat.


But the world needs unisex hats. Men need them, and women need them for times when the frou-frou hat won’t do the job. Knitters need to make them. They aren’t the first project we reach for; they sometimes seem to offer less than the fancier, more colorful, lacier, most luxurious, less utilitarian knitting experiences. But they have charms that do not reveal themselves until the fabric starts to grown under the needles.


See how the ribbing contracts into dense warmth, expands into wide and decorative wales on the head. Watch how cleverly the decreases are placed to bring the crown to an elegant conclusion. Feel the simple, everyday indulgence of wool, and watch the subtle heathers, the neutral shades, deepen as the plies are brought together in the stitching. Think about the man who will receive it, a young father or father-to-be, and remember how much a unisex hat can mean. It is protection, gift, caring — a helm for a warrior sent into battle ready or not, a cap to ward off the cold tugged down over the ears by a mother who never forgets the smallest detail.

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2 Comments on “Heat was in the very sod which the saint had printed”

  1. Coralee Says:

    the color matches her eyes perfectly 🙂 what eloquent praise for young men and their hats…

  2. And unisex hats with ribbing fit growing heads longer! That hat and that head are beautiful!

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