That turns this grey sky to blue


Pattern: LoveHearts by June Gilbank
Yarn: Elmore-Pisgah Peaches & Creme (100% cotton), unknown colorways
Hook: U.S. E/3.5mm

Before we got snowed in for three days this week, we had the presence of mind to pick up Valentines for the kids to take to school tomorrow. Unfortunately, they were the uninspiring grocery store variety, and while perfectly fine for classmates en masse, they didn’t include nice teacher versions.

So I flipped back through the quick homemade Valentine options I’ve been seeing in my RSS feeds for the past few weeks, and found these little crochet hearts. A rummage through the dishcloth cotton stash and the roll of random crochet hooks, and in minutes I was cranking these out in small, medium, large, and 3-D versions.


Last night while watching Thursday night comedies timeshifted on the TiVo I made enough hearts for the kids’ homeroom teachers as well as their special activity teachers. Today I engaged Cady Gray to create cards for them. For my money she did an unusually creative and thoughtful job crafting appropriate Valentines-y messages for each recipient.


For her homeroom teacher (the inside reads “My heart is yours”).



For her music teacher.



For the school librarian.



For the PE teacher.



For the GT specialist (who teaches thinking skills, you see).



For the art teacher.



Archer swooped in to write the message for his homeroom teacher.



On the inside of the cards, Cady Gray contributed little hearts and Archer, appropriate icons.



I like how he corrected Cady Gray’s spelling of the music teacher’s name and drew a triplet on this one.



Cady Gray claimed the biggest one — stuffed with polyfill — for her best friend. No problem. I’ve got plenty of cotton and the rest of the weekend; I can make as many of these as anyone could want.

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